Renting Communication
& Power Equipment

Underground Machinery Rental serves communication and power contractors and construction crews across the United States. Whether you’re installing fiber optics, communication lines, underground cable, or gas lines, we have reliable, up-to-date equipment to help you get the job done! Our short or long term communication and power equipment rentals allow you to complete projects efficiently and remove the expense of long-term equipment maintenance and ownership.

Underground Machinery Rental was started because we saw a need to fill a gap for the growing utility and underground construction industry. Contractors need a reliable option for short or long term underground machinery rentals to get projects completed on time and efficiently. Utilizing up-to-date and reliable equipment allows crews to work more efficiently and minimizes the risk of delays due to equipment breakdown or maintenance. Lets talk about how we can help you on your next job, contact us, here.

Serving the Utility Contractor Market

At Underground Machinery Rental, we recognize the critical role utility contractors play in building and maintaining the essential infrastructure that powers our daily lives. From electrical grids, fiber optic and internet, to water and sewage systems, our dedication to serving the utility contractor market is foundational to our business ethos. Our fleet of utility equipment and machinery is meticulously maintained and regularly updated to ensure we meet the high standards required for these vital projects. With our Ditch Witch rentals and other robust machinery, contractors can effortlessly lay down electrical lines, fiber optics, install storm drains, or replace aging pipelines with confidence. We understand the nuances of the utility sector’s demands, including the need for precision, efficiency, and minimal disruption. Our team is ready to support your project with equipment solutions that reduce downtime and maximize productivity, so you can focus on the intricate work of keeping our communities running smoothly.

Serving the Energy Contractor Market

Energy contractors are at the forefront of an evolving industry, facing the challenges of sustainable development and the transition to renewable resources. Underground Machinery Rental is poised to be your steadfast partner in this dynamic energy field. We offer a specialized range of equipment tailored to the needs of energy contractors, whether you are working on traditional oil and gas lines, the evolving electrical grid, or solar power projects. Our commitment to providing the latest and most reliable machinery ensures that you can tackle the most demanding environments and schedules without a hitch. We empower your crews with the tools they need to establish and maintain energy infrastructures that meet today’s environmental standards and tomorrow’s energy requirements. By choosing Underground Machinery Rental, you’re not just renting equipment; you’re gaining a partner that understands the energy sector’s unique challenges and opportunities.


Underground Machinery Rental provides communication and power equipment and machinery rentals for companies across the US. Whether you’re filling an equipment gap on a project or securing a long-term utility equipment rental, we provide the most durable, reliable, and up-to-date machines.

We provide our clients with the best communication and power equipment without the expense and upkeep of equipment ownership.